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How to Link Aadhaar Card With Ration Card.

This is an entirely possible and relatively simple procedure that can be done both online and off-line. In the Indian economy, a Ration card is as relevant and important as an Aadhar Card.

They both are sufficient identity proofs of you being an Indian citizen and along with this, they are a key to gaining many services that are provided by the government to the citizens. An example of this would be gaining an LPG connection- the Ration card is quite mandatory for this.

Note: If you don’t have Aadhaar Card, you can Apply it online.

A ration card is necessary for the Indian citizen who can upon producing this card display his or her financial status to avail benefits such as lower prices on grains and pulses, on fuel and so on, whilst also doubling as an acceptable identity proof nationwide.

You are quite within your rights to question why this linking of these two separate cards is necessary and what is there to gain from it. The answer lies in one simple word- security. The more your details are linked with your ultimate proof of identity- your Aadhar card, the more secure you are in any case of identity theft or fraud.

You can easily apply for the lost Ration card using your Aadhar number- once it is linked given how both are unique- the combination of the two even more so. This also allows the upliftment of the society by preventing a few people who have multiple Ration cards from doing so- considering how unfair this is on the rest of the people.

Now that you have understood and appreciated the need for this radical developmental change, let us move on to how exactly link the two cards.

The Online Method

Obviously simpler and way less time consuming is this method where all you have to do is visit the official website which is the following link: and click on the Start Now option.

You will be required to enter details of your location such as your complete detailed address that also mentions the name of your state as well as the district.

Following the completion of this, you’ll be presented with options of various benefits from which you are required now to choose ration card. The same is applicable to the scheme name that you are asked to select.

After this, enter all the relevant information regarding your personal details along with your Aadhar number and the ration number. Given you have entered your mobile number correctly you will receive a One Time Password which when entered will send your application for verification. Once that is completed you will be notified of the success of the same.

The Offline Method requires you to bring along a photocopy of your Aadhar Card as well as of every member in your family along with the ration card. This is more tedious in nature but just as effective if you are up for standing in long queues. You are also expected to carry with you the passport sized photographs of the head of your family. Once the documents have been submitted you will be notified upon the successful linking of the same by a text message as well as email.