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Myths and Facts about Aadhaar Linking Deadline And Aadhaar Card Number.

Whether we talk about any celebrity or a renowned brand, there are always some myths and rumors about the actual facts and figures. Well as an Indian resident, you might be aware of the most addressed topic these days that is need of Aadhaar card linking with bank accounts and its deadlines. As it is pre-assumed that there are certain sagas related to everything, the same follows with holding an Aadhaar card too.

Many people might yet be unaware of the fact that 31st December 2017 is a deadline of many of Aadhaar linking processes that includes bank account, PPF, insurance policies, mutual fund investment, ration card, etc.

Along with real facts, you might be dealing with some myths too and here is the answer to all your doubts about all the rumors that you might have heard the yearlong regarding the Aadhaar linking processes.

Aadhaar linkage- A mandatory thing to be followed by Indian nationals

Many people have a doubt regarding the question of Aadhaar card being compulsory for every individual of the nation or just the Indian citizens. The answer to this frequently asked question is that there are certain categories of Indian residents who are free from Aadhaar card linking procedure.

Central Board of Direct Taxes had released the list of people who don’t need to enroll themselves for Aadhaar linkage. The people who are not liable for Aadhaar linkage includes natives of Meghalaya, Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, non-resident Indians plus people over the age of 80 years.

Overseas Citizens of India are also exempted from holding an Aadhard card on a mandatory basis. According to Aadhaar act, they don’t need to link their pan card and bank accounts with their Aadhaar card number. The non-resident Indian citizens can apply for Aadhaar if they have stayed back in India for 182 or more days but it is not a necessary task to be followed in all cases.

Myth about Telecom companies using biometrics for future use

Many people have a myth that the telecom companies can use the biometrics given while issuing a sim card. But this is just a fake news according to the UIDAI the service providers need to encrypt biometrics of people and send it directly to UIDAI authorities. Keeping the customer’s biometrics comes under criminal offense, and the agency holders can be pushed behind bars for three years if they don’t abide by the rules.

 Complaints about poor verifying database of Aadhaar cards

Agencies appointed by UIDAI like Common Service Centres, banks and state government and the employ operators are all credible and certified.

The software used for Aadhaar enrolment is well developed and keeps your information in an encrypted state and is customized by UIDAI. Thus after enrolment, the sign-in process becomes easy as you can use your biometrics to sign-in.

Myths about availing ration car benefits

According to section 7 of Aadhaar act, all the benefits can be availed with the use of other identity proofs until Aadhaar card is authorized. Denying people with such benefits due to Aadhaar or biometric problems is a punishable offense. So, there is no need to worry about availing the basic services using the ration card.

Myth about misuse of bank accounts

To access details of bank account and other personal information one needs OTPs, Pins, and passwords along with Aadhaar number. So, your information is completely secure until you share passwords and other security measures. Nobody can hack your bank account just by knowing your Aadhaar card number.

Note: There is no deadline for updation and correction of Aadhaar Card.