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Ensure the safety of your Aadhar Card while carrying it everywhere

As you all know that Aadhar Card has now become an important and mandatory document for availing different benefits of various schemes and yojanas started by the Government of India. Don’t you know the importance of having an Aadhar Card in your hands? Have you ever thought about the situation if you ever missed your Aadhar Card? You must be very much careful with your essential documents so that you can easily avail the benefits of the government schemes. To avail all the benefits of Aadhar card you need to check Aadhar card details if at all they are not correct and then get Aadhar card details corrected by correcting the details.

How can you be very sure that your document is totally safe or secure with you?

Newly Launched Tool for Securing your Aadhar Card

As you know that applying and getting the Aadhar Card may take a time of about 30-40 days, re-applying such document may create problems for you and thus, you need to take care of your document on your own so as to avoid the chances of misplacing it but how? If you are confused then you need not get worried at all as the Government has taken another great and appreciable initiative to help you ensure the safety of your Aadhar Card. The government of India has now launched a digital tool named as ‘mAadhar’ to help you out overcome your problems related to the same. You can now easily carry your essential Aadhar Card and numbers with you without facing any hassles. This mAadhar is a digital tool which allows you to save your Aadhar Card Number within it so that you can easily show this document wherever necessary.

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What do you need to do to avail the benefits of this tool?

If you are really very much excited about getting such amazing benefits of this digitalized tool then you just need to link your mobile number to this tool. This is a tool which has been launched by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) under the Government of India. You just need to register your mobile number with this tool. You need to have an Android Mobile so as to register with this tool. Linking your Aadhar Card and mobile number with this app tool will make it much easier for you to synchronize all required information including name, gender, age, address, and much more which will surely make it easy for you to avail different government services.

Features and Benefits of the mAadhaar App-

  • This mAadhar Card can eliminate the need to carry the Aadhar Card into your pocket while going anywhere
  • It will also connect your biometric information
  • It can easily fetch the required information which needs to be submitted during numerous official tasks
  • This tool app also provides you a feature of updating the information related to yo Aadhar Card
  • You need to register your mobile number with your aadhar card
  • You need to carry your Aahdar Card everywhere
  • It will surely save your time as you need not carry the multiple copies of your Aadhar Card

How to install mAadhaar Card?

  • You just need to visit the Google Play Store on your Android Mobile Phone Device
  • You need to create a password after downloading the app
  • Start scanning the QR code to link it to the app, simply enter it
  • Your account and other details will get verified and now, you can easily show your Aadhar Card Profile to the officials without any hard copy