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Aadhar-SIM Linking: How Does it Benefit You?

Aadhar is the world largest biometric ID system. It have well over 1.19 billion people enrolled as at 30th November, 2017. Statistics has it that as at that date over 99% of Indians at age 18 and above is enrolled in Aadhaar. The registration comes with an Aadhaar Card. With this card you can link all your other details. You can even update Aadhaar Card Details.

On December 1st 2017, linking your Aadhar Card with your phone number became compulsory for phone users. Aadhar Card is now a necessary document for identity proof, hence the need to link it with your phone numbers. Since UIDAI made it compulsory, they also made the linking very easy for users. The linking can be done anywhere and anytime.

A user can link his or her Unique Identity Number (UID) from home or office or anywhere through the One Time Password they received on their registered mobile phone number. The hassles of going to the mobile phone shop for fingerprint capturing or any other protocol is eliminated.

Linking your Aadhar Card with your phone number is not just compulsory but comes with lots of benefit.

Let us consider how the linking is done. You can link your phone numbers with your Aadhar Card and thereafter add new phone numbers. We are going to consider the following two scenarios.


If you are to link your card with your phone number, you do that offline following the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the nearest Aadhar Center and obtain the Aadhar correction or update form. Click here to download the form. Carefully complete the form with your accurate phone number and submit it with the photocopy of your Aadhar Card and ID card such as International Passport, PAN Card or Voter’s Card.

Step 2: The Aadhar staff will verify your Biometrics and thumb impression at the center.

Step 3: After the verification exercise, you shall receive an acknowledgement. The updating will take between 2 – 5 days.



Assuming you just acquired another phone number and needed to link it, this is best done online. Before you proceed, ensure that the existing phone number linked with your Aadhar Card is working.

Step 1: Visit the UIDAI site and click on the Aadhar self-service portal.

Step 2: Here you will require your linked phone number since the OTP shall be sent to the number. Enter your Aadhar number and the Captcha text. After that, you shall receive an OTP on your phone.

Step 3: Proceed to the next page and click ‘Select Field To Update.’ Select the mobile number field and enter the new mobile phone number.



National Centralized Database System: The government of India aims to get all the citizens of India into a centralized database as done in developed countries. This will assist the government getting all the information about individuals by just knowing their Aadhar Card Number. It will also aid adequate distribution of governmental services to the citizens.

Security Benefits: The card linking will go a long way to curb the activities of fraudsters

Control and Safety Benefits: Card linking will assist the government in fishing out terrorists, tax evaders, criminals and so on.


Linking your Aadhaar card with your phone number is as easy as ABC. It is important for you to do it today in other to avoid service restrictions. Do not forget 6th of February 2018 as the last date of the linking.  Delay is dangerous! And also if you are not aware of the fact that details on your Aadhaar card can be corrected by correction of Aadhaar Card details.