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AADHAR Card Pay App

What is Aadhar Pay App

India has seen many technological advancements that have simplified our financial transactions without having us to carry money wherever we go. This is a actually a good step toward Digital India. One such very recent and the most advanced innovation is an Aadhar card pay App that enables you to make cashless purchases. This also eliminates the necessity to carry plastic cards with you all the time. As we all know, these credit and debit card companies charge a fee for using these cards, this Aadhar pay app doesn’t charge you anything for the transactions you make using this App. Furthermore, you just have to download this wonderful App on your Android smartphone to make hassle-free payments at your convenience! Awesome, isn’t it?

How does this App work?

To enable a transaction using this App, you have to first download Aadhar card App to your smart Android mobile phone. Your Aadhar card should be linked to your bank account which is very much important failing which you can’t complete a transaction using this Application. Just like credit cards have passwords, checking biometric information acts as password verification in this process. Synchronizing the mobile phone with the biometric scanner is very much important to make this technology work.

Advantages of BHIM AAdhar Payment App

1) No need to carry cards with you and get into trouble if you lose it.

2) No need for any PIN number to make use of the card.

3) There is no transaction charge for Aadhar card usage.

4) User-friendly for both the purchasers and merchants.

5) Each and every detail is encrypted to prevent identity theft. This will prevent you from being a victim of a cyber attack.


  1. There should be an uninterrupted internet connection to enable a transaction. Even if this is considered as the best among all other payment options, it will be inefficacious without a strong internet connection.
  2. If you have made a wrong payment and want to get back your money, it will take a time to get it back.
  3. This doesn’t support money transfer between individuals because either the transferor or transferee has to have a biometric fingerprint scanner to transfer money from one account to another.

How safe it is to use this App:

  1. Aadhar card payment App uses your unique fingerprint to enable a payment. Since none can fake a fingerprint, this is most secured payment method customers can rely on.
  2. Since there are only two parties to the payment involved, the possibility of fraudulent activities by a third party intervention is negligible.
  3. The payments are enabled by the unified payment interface that enables a transfer of money from one account to another in the banks. Thus, it is very safe to use this card.

In short, the Aadhar card payment App has altered the payment systems dramatically. If the mobile phone you use is encrypted, this will keep all the information about you safe and secure. It is so convenient to use your aadhar card for both identification and payment purpose. Aadhar card payment App– Secured payment option at your fingertips!