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The Aadhar Card Correction Form-A Guide to Filling It.

However careful you were when filling the Aadhar Card application and confirming the same, a few errors are unavoidable and skip even the sharpest eyes. For continuing use of the card with no hassles or trouble, just go ahead with taking the step towards fixing these errors. It is a simple process that can be done by filling the correct information into a form such that this information can be updated to your Aadhar Card.

The correction form is always available on the UIDAI’s official website and is easily downloadable. You have two options presented to you- the easier one being directly filling the correction form and submitting it online( you can also see Aadhar Card Correction ).  There is also an option of printing out the form, filling it by hand just to be extra sure and submitting it via post.

The following information can easily be corrected or updated as required using the correction form- your current and active mobile number, your entered date of birth, current address or any updates in the address, any spelling error that you might have made while entering your name while applying for the Aadhar Card.

You will be required to fill four different sections that are quite straightforward though require your time and careful attention- you don’t want to be doing this again!

The First Section requires you to fill out your basic information such as your name, current address, gender, the mobile number you have used to register your Aadhaar card and your active e-mail address.

Enter these correctly and move on to the second section where you are required to fill in your Aadhar Number which is a 12 digit number that is printed on either side of your card.

The third section can be filled in using your regional language as well as English and here is a comprehensive idea of the data you will be needing to fill in.

The name of the applicant, relevant gender, and address related information along with the name of either your spouse or your parent or guardian- whichever is applicable to you. The address must be detailed out mentioning your building or house by name or number, the street or lane’s name, a relevant landmark followed by the name of the area or sector, which village or city you are a part of as well as the district, postal code and the state. The closest post office in your area should also be mentioned.

The fourth section requires you to submit relevant proofs and documents that can be used to attest to the accuracy of the newly entered and corrected information. These are different according to the corrections required. A proof of identity to correct your name, a proof of address to update the same, etc are acceptable.

Finally, you have to place your signature on this form as a confirmation that the information submitted by you is as accurate as you know it to be.