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Aadhaar Is Mandatory to Procure Ration from July

Everything is going to b digitalized and the Government of India has started numerous schemes for the welfare of the general public. One of these services includes the Free Ration Card which has been running under the Public Distribution System (PDS). It is a great initiative taken by the Government of India. Getting a ration card means that you can easily get your basic food essentials st the subsidized rates without paying the much higher charges as compared to the market rates. Don’t you want to avail such services? If yes, then you need not wait anymore for availing such services has now become much easier and simpler with the other initiatives of the government. You just need to submit your Aadhar Card to procure Ration Card from July.

Aadhar Card has now become mandatory to procure Ration Card from July. If you really need to get the monthly supplies of the free ration card service then you need to submit your Aadhar Card and this decision has been taken by the Food and Civil Supplies Department of Central Government. People who are willing to avail such free services of the ration card need to submit their Aadhar Card on or before 30th June. Such Aadhar Cards will then get associated or linked with the PDS centers. The families who may be unable to submit their Aadhar Cards before 30th June will not get their monthly supply for the July month.

Which groups are covered under the scheme?

Usually, the Government is implementing its plans and strategies to enhance the development of the society as well as for the welfare of the general public and it is another step of the government to make Adhar Card as a mandatory document for getting numerous different services and facilities. The families having an annual income of less than about Rs. 1 Lakh. Under this scheme, the government is now offering the essential food and other non-food items at the subsidized rates. Such essentials include rice, wheat, sugar, kerosene, and much more. Such services are now easily available at the fair priced ration shops.


Benefits of the scheme

This is a scheme which has been started to help people get a healthy diet for the general public of the country. The scheme is really helpful for enhancing the PDS system in India along with providing them the inferior quality food items to the general public. This process of linking Aadhar Card with the Free Ration Card Services will help the public to make the entire process to be more transparent.

Important steps to be taken in case of unavailability of Aadhar Card

If you have no Aadhar Card yet then you need to get it at the earliest so as to get the free ration card services to get a great financial help. You need to apply for Aadhar Card by submitting all other required documents to the PDS center nearby your area. If you are confused while applying for the Aadhar Card then you just need to find out the enrollment center nearby your area so as to submit the essential documents to get it to avail numerous different benefits of various schemes started by the Government of India.