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How to Get Your Aadhar KYC Done with Your Mobile Service Provider

The Government of India recently announced the importance of linking Aadhar Card number with a mobile number. Subscribers have until February 2018 to link their phone numbers or face service restriction. If you see any wrong details on your Aadhaar card then update Aadhaar card details immediately.

As noted in our earlier posts, we wish to reiterate here that Aadhar Card is very important if you wish to access lots of services in India either directly from the government or otherwise. We shall attempt by this post to educate you about the Adhar eKYC and its importance. Also make sure that all the details on your Aadhaar card are correct or correct the details through Aadhaar card correction.

What is Aadhar Based eKYC?

The Aadar eKYC is the online version of Know Your Customers Form that all customers are required to complete from time to time. Completing eKYC is compulsory now, either you are buying a new SIM or retrieving the old one, you are supposed to verify it with your Aadhar Card Number. Having an eKYC aids the establishing of customers identity. The eKYC is not only required by telecommunication service providers, it is also a big requirement in the financial sector.

What Are The Importance of the eKYC?

  • It is safe and secured
  • It makes customers’ verification easy

What Are The Benefits Of The Aadhar Based eKYC Form?

The benefits of the eKYC form include:

  • Processing of documents is faster due to reduction in number of documents handled at a time
  • Reduction in paperwork means reduction in paper consumption/usage. This is good for the environment
  • Accessing data is seamless since all data are in one place electronically.
  • Document security is high
  • Services and updating information are done effortlessly
  • It is now easy for companies and other parities to comply with regulations


What Are The Important Procedures When Processing Your eKYC?

  • During the eKYC process, name of the customer, address and others are verified through the Aadhar Verification process online.
  • Before the service provider uses the data of the customer downloaded from the UIDAI server to update his existing details, the service provider seeks confirmation from the customer about the re-verification after 24 hours via SMS.

Steps To Get Your Aadhar KYC Done With Your Mobile Service Provider

Step 1: Visit the nearest service provider’s retailer shop with your original Aadhar Card.

Step 2: Provide your biometric information to the officer, these include fingerprint scan and iris scan.

Step 3: The service provider will download the eKYC data available in your Aadhar card.

Step 4: After downloading the data, the retailer get the details authenticated. After the authentication, the retailer will get copy of eCAF from the UIDAI server as a form of acknowledgement.

Step 5: You have to confirm the details and afterwards authenticate the information with your fingerprints.

Step 6: The retailer then sends the eKYC document to the UIDAI server for updating. The activation then takes place.


In conclusion, eKYC is not just important, it is also compulsory. Do not be caught at the wrong side of the law, endure you do yours today. As seen above, the steps are very simple to follow and completed by just anybody. Why wait? Act now!