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Aadhaar Card Status: How to Check Aadhaar Status After Update Request Submitted

 The Aadhar card has now become a mandatory key to unlock most facilities offered by the government to the general public. Be it applying for an entrance exam or opening a bank account- anything and everything requires Unique Identification Code. This has been a reasonable move on the government’s part and is mutually beneficial for the citizens as well as the government. The people of India have now an all-encompassing identity proof for themselves that is accepted everywhere.

The movement from the government to digitalize India has been extremely beneficial in so many ways. One of them is the undeniable fact that we have effectively waved goodbye to standing in long queues for so many governmental procedures.  The same can be applied for making updates and relevant changes to your Aadhaar card as well as tracking these.

Let us focus on tracking the status of the updates you have made or some correction in it.

Tracking the Status of Aadhaar Card

Firstly, confirm that you have done an accurate job in the update every detail you have entered is correct and error free. The web page will then pose some questions that can only be answered correctly by the owner of that particular ID, thereby guaranteeing authenticity.


You are asked to enter your twelve digit number that’s present on the bottom of your Aadhaar card on either side. You are also asked to enter your Update Request Number. This number is sent to your registered e-mail address upon correctly updating the information as needed to be updated.

Upon entering both your Aadhaar Number and your Update Request Number (URN) click on the option ‘Get Status’. This will cause your screen to display the updated version of your Aadhar information.

The following details can be updated with ease on your Aadhar Card in case they were registered wrongly or information has been changed since registration- such as mobile number, address, the name of the Aadhar Card owner as well as your birth date. You will be required to submit suitable proof for the respective changes- which once accepted to be authentic can easily be updated accordingly.

False or Wrong Documents

However in the case that you have submitted irrelevant or false documents and/or entered incorrect details for the update, the request for the update will be rejected. Hence make sure to double check before submitting the details. The status will be displayed as ‘Rejected’ in this case.

Acknowledgment Slip

To be updated on the status of your application for an Aadhar Card, acknowledgment slips are provided following application. The ID and exact date and time are both of 14 digits each and are accepted by the UIDAI website as enough information to receive a status update.

In case of non-availability of the acknowledgment slip, the site helps you to easily recover or find your UID/EID. A One Time Password sent as either an e-mail or SMS which will grant you access.

Stay Updated

Other methods of easily updating yourself on the status of your Aadhar Card are:

SMS: Type UID status ‘space’ 28 digit EID or UID status ‘space’ 14-digit enrolment number and send to 51969.

Toll-free number: Dial 1947 and follow the instructions.

Local Post Office: After applying for Aadhaar card you get an Enrolment id for future use. Take that Enrolment id with you to the local post office and you will get to know about the status of your Aadhaar card.