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Aadhaar Card Made Mandatory to Apply for PAN Card

Everyone knows that the Aadhar Card has now become mandatory for all government services and schemes, the government has now implemented some norms for applying for such Aadhar Card so as to provide an ease to the general public. It is a kind of document which is issued by the UIDAI and can provide numerous general and additional benefits to the public. Different official documents are there such as Vote ID, PAN Card, Passport, Driving License, and much more but you can apply for such documents only when you have an Aadhar Card.

Applying for the passport, getting subsidies offered by the Government, applying for the driving license, opening a bank account, and to apply for PAN Card has now become much easier with the help of such Aadhar Card. This single document contains all details which are required to apply to other different official documents. But you need to make sure all the details on your Aadhaar card are correct or you can edit the details of Aadhaar card easily by correcting Aadhaar card details.

Aadhaar Card Made Mandatory to Apply for PAN Card by the Government of India (in the budget of 2017). You can then easily file your Income Tax Returns with the help of Aadhar Card. Don’t you know the implementations made in the Budget of 2017-18? This Aadhar Card has made mandatory for applying for PAN Card by the Finance, Defense and Corporate Affairs Minister, Arun Jaitley on 1st July 2017. Such an initiative was taken in the Lok Sabha. Under this budget, the cash transactions exceeding Rs. 3 Lakh must be banned. If you need to purchase any immovable property then having a PAN Card is must and thus, you need to apply for the Aadhar Card at the earliest.

Why is Aadhar Card mandatory?

As you know that the Modi Government introduced demonetization previous year, the main aim of the government is to eliminate the black money and thus, the Aadhar Card has made mandatory for exchanging the notes so as to reduce corruption and put a bank on the flow of black money in the upcoming days

Aadhar Card has become compulsory also for filing the ITR and apply for PAN Card

It has also made mandatory for the general public to avail the benefits of the different subsidies being offered by the government

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Key Benefits of having an Aadhar Card-

Aadhar Card has now become an essential document for availing the benefits of different schemes and you can now also apply for the free skill development course under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Yojana just by submitting your Adhar Card

You can now also get the essentials at the subsidized rates and not only this, but the old age people or senior citizen can get their pension easily by submitting their Aadhar Card

e-KYC Facility Based on Aadhar Card-

If you need to file the Income Tax Returns then yes, you can now easily pay your taxes and get refunds with the help of the mobile app launched by the Income Tax Department. You just need to link your Aadhar Card to the mobile app

People cannot easily purchase a new SIM card or a gas connection by showing their Aadhar Card as an essential document