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How to Apply an Aadhaar Card for Non-Resident Indian

The question of if Non-Resident Indians and foreigners can own an Aadhaar Card is answered in this post. This post also answers many other questions. Due to the importance of the card, the government of India created a seamless method for non-resident Indians and foreigners to get their own Aadhaar Card.

Interestingly, the procedure and documents required for Non-Resident Indians and foreigners are like those required of Indian citizens. As the Aadhaar’s popularity and usefulness grows, all are encouraged to acquire it.

Fortunately, even the Non-Resident Indians can update their Aadhaar card details by correcting Aadhaar card details.

Who Is Eligible For The Aadhaar Card?

The following individuals are eligible for the card:

  • Resident Indians
  • Foreigners and Non-Resident Indians
  • Foreigners residing in India

It is noteworthy to mention here that children under the age of 3 need not apply for the card.

What Are The Documents Required For The Application?

The documents required to apply for Aadhaar Card include the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Identity Card
  • School Certificate
  • Document showing the connection with another country

These documents, after submission are verified by officials to determine their validity.

Are Biometric Information Required?

Yes, Biometric Information such as Thumbprint scanning, iris scanning and photographs are required.

  • Thumbprint Scanning: After the submission and verification of your documents, all your 10 fingers shall be scanned and stored in the database. This is to establish your unique identity since no two person have the same fingerprint. Finally, your thumbprint image will be printed on the Aadhaar Card.
  • Iris Scanning: The official at the center shall scan your iris to establish your full and perfect identity.
  • Photograph: Finally, they will take your photograph and it shall be printed on the card too.

Note that the time taken to process and dispatch the Aadhaar Card of a Non-Resident and foreigner is around 3 months or 90 days, which is the same with that of a resident Indian. However, you can track the status of the card online with the aid of your enrolment number printed on the acknowledgement slip given to you at the center after your registration and verification exercise.

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Is It Important For A Non-Resident and Foreigner To Apply For An Aadhaar Card?

Yes, it very important for a Non-Resident and Foreigner to apply for an Aadhaar Card, the reasons are as listed below:

  • The card will assist them in acquiring available jobs in the government establishments in India
  • The card is your aid your in accessing all subsidies and schemes offered by the Indian Government.
  • Finally, the card is a solid proof of identification anywhere in India.

How Can A Non-Resident and Foreigner To Apply For An Aadhaar Card?

An NRI and foreigner can apply for the card in the following simple steps. 

Step 1: Make a physical visit to your nearest Aadhar Card enrolment center.

Step 2: At the center, book an appointment online for the enrolment process. Ensure your documents are with you e.g. identity card, birth certificate, proof of residence (i.e. utility bill) and so on.

Step 3: Complete the required details and tender your supporting documents for authentication. After authentication, your biometric information (fingerprint scanning, iris scanning and photograph) will be taken right there.

Step 4: After conducting the biometric data capturing, all the details submitted will be verified and an acknowledgement slip be printed and handed over to you. On the slip is a 14-digit number with which you can track the status of your card.

Step 5: Within 90 days of processing your data, your card will be sent to your registered address.


What Is The Conclusion?

The conclusion is, have no fear. If you are an NRI or foreigner, go ahead and register yourself. All the best!