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Why Aadhaar Card Is Compulsory In Getting Driving License

The Aadhar Card revolution has changed many things in India. It has revolutionised the face of documentation. The Central Government of India now mandated it that every Indian should be get registered in the central database. The evidence of the registration is the Aadhar Card.

The card’s importance and popularity is growing by the day. Today the card is required at the examination board, college admission, government programs, when applying for new LPG subsidy, PAN card and so on. Today, we are talking about Aadhar Card as a requirement for acquiring your driving license. This further shows us the importance the card. This can only be done if the details on your card are correct or you have to correct the details on your Aadhaar card through  correction of Aadhaar card details.

If you see some important details missing from your Aadhaar card then you can update details of Aadhaar card.

Why Aadhar Card is Compulsory in Getting Your Driving License

  1. Reduction of Administrative Duplication: With the introduction of the Adhar Card, the idea of obtaining multiple licenses under one name is eliminated. It is very common in India for some notorious citizens to possess more than one driver’s license registered in their names. With the multiple cards, they escape fines and sanctions when they commit road traffic offence. Once their licenses is ceased by the authorities, they just make do with the other ones without restriction. With the Adhar Card in place, those kinds of activities will end. In addition, officers could easily verify an applicant’s proof of identity or if a particular applicant has license in other states – thus eliminating duplicate licenses.
  2. Elimination of Fake Licenses: The Aadhar card system will also eliminate the use of fake licenses. Prior the era of the card, people easily avoid getting authentic documentations and settle for fake ones which cost them next to nothing to acquire.
  3. Administrative Convenience: The centralized database will make it easy for applicants to tender their Aadhar Card as proof of identification. Normally, applicants submit series of paper documentations as proof of identification for verification. This is a huge paperwork. The card however, cut the paperwork down to the lowest ebb.
  4. Adequate Control Tool: The Aadhar Card serves as a control tool. The government now use the card to monitor drivers easily. They also use the card to easily fish out road traffic violators and discipline them. Since drivers have the consciousness of a sanction, that will make them more careful behind the wheels and in turn reduce road accident.


The New Driving License – “Smart Driving License”

Smart Driving License is an innovative driving license that is now currently being used in India which better than the old license. Anyone from 18 years and above that has completed 8th Grade can apply for it. Smart Driving Cards stores all information about the driver in the card. The following are the features of the card:

  1. It carries the driver’s data – name, picture, signature, address etc.
  2. Curbs the issuance of duplicate vehicle registration, fake identity cards etc.
  3. It prevents unauthorised access and alteration of data by storing the information in an optical strip on the card.


Before you hit the road with your brand new car, ensure you authenticate your registration. Get an Aadhar Card to make life easy for yourself. You can read about How to Get an Aadhar Card it here.