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Aadhaar Card- An Essential for booking online rail tickets

With the number of frauds increasing day by day it has become a real mandatory attribute to add Aadhaar card for personal identification purposes. Aadhaar card is now supposed to be imperative for almost all aspects for Indian citizens. There were many rows and arguments regarding the implementation of Aadhaar card as mandatory, and there was a belief on the citizen’s part that Aadhaar should not be made compulsory for basic amenities. But the government tends to offer its citizens with better services if they are in possession of Aadhaar card thus it is mandatory to hold an Aadhaar card to enjoy the benefits given by the government.

There was yet other news that Aadhaar card will be made mandatory for passengers to avail rail services. It was announced in March 2016 that Aadhaar card would be made compulsive for the railway sector and railways will also come under this category of registering the Aadhaar card for making use of the services. On December 2016 it was announced that very senior citizen who wanted to avail rail tickets will have to register their Aadhaar card number with the railways mandatorily. If you don’t have a hard copy, you can just download it from the web. This decision was taken in lieu of avoiding the fraudulent activities in case of concessional benefits offered to the senior citizens. This judgment was fair and right enough as considered by the government to ensure that the senior citizen concessions are offered to the right person having a valid Aadhaar card. This decision shows a green signal for Aadhaar cards becoming mandatory for availing concessional rail travel services.

Beyond Government Decisions- Few lines by the railway officials

Apart from the government, few railway officials have also come to the forefront stating that soon it will become mandatory to register the Aadhaar card number with the railways for availing rail tickets. The citizens will be required to register their Aadhaar card number on a one-time basis at the ticketing portal of the railways so that fake ticketing is prevented. According to AK Minocha the managing director and chairman of IRCTC, registering Aadhaar card numbers of senior citizens on the IRCTC portal will result in the transparency of the ticketing process. This will enable the right person to take the right benefits, the verification process will become easy and will save the senior citizen from any kind of hustle bustles faced by them for the verification process. He added that registration of the Aadhaar card number will also prevent the misuse of the concessional facilities offered to the senior citizens and only legitimate passengers will be able to enjoy the benefits without causing monetary loss to the railways.

Aadhaar Card- A step ahead to prevent fraudulent activities

Registration of Aadhaar card number on IRCTC portal will also prevent the fraudulent activities that take place on a frequent basis. Many times people show their fake identities and take benefit out of it, but this is going to cut out the treachery and duplicity practices and save the monetary fund as well. Apart from this, the Indian railway minister Suresh Prabhu also stated that soon the railways will come up with measures like ticket vending machines which will facilitate the Indian citizens of following the paperless and cashless mode of ticketing.


It is considered that people who will register their Aadhaar card with the Indian Railways will enjoy the luxury of getting their tickets booked from any point of place and any point of time. But people who will not register their number will surely be able to book the tickets but not from heir own comfort zone but form the railway ticket counters.