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10 reasons you can’t avoid Aadhaar

Aadhaar card number is the one which is generated uniquely for each and every individual. The Aadhaar card is having details about the information like the information of the residence, thumb impression, details of the eye retina and the identity of the photo. Everything is stored in the database of government and only through this information the government is able to do something beneficial for the welfare of the society. So if you see that there are some details on your Aadhaar card then you should never avoid it and you should be aware of Aadhar card correction technique.

There are a number of benefits that are being associated with the Aadhaar card and therefore it is almost impossible that you can avoid it.


Here we bring to you 10 major reasons showing its importance:

  1. Acquisition of passport

If you might have ever gone to get a passport, there are hundreds of procedures that have to be followed. First of all, you need to take appointment then the application is processed and then verification by the police is done. A total of 2-3 months are required for the same to get completed but if you have Aadhaar, then the task gets summed up just in 10 days.

  1. Provident fund payment

If the Aadhaar card is linked to the individual’s pension fund account, then the PF can directly be sent to the person’s account by the provident fund organization.

  1. Opening account in bank

The Aadhar can be used as a valid document for the identification process and hence the bank account can be opened in minutes through it.

  1. Avail the LPG Subsidy

If the local distributor has linked your Aadhaar card to the LPG connection, you can directly get the LPG subsidy into your linked bank account.

  1. Stock market

The securities and exchange board of India considers the Aadhaar card as one of the valid address proofs. Therefore if you have Aadhar, you can easily invest in the share and stock market.

  1. Digital life certificate

Better known as Jeevan Praman for pensioners, this scheme was started by the honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The aim of this Yojana is to provide comfort to all the pensioners. Through the Aadhaar card, they can get the pension at their home itself.

  1. Jan Dhan Yojana

This yojana was started by Narendra Modi and has assisted many people belonging to the rural society to open the accounts in the bank. With the Aadhaar card, this process became easier for those people.

  1. Digital locker

In the digital locker, a person can store all his or her personal documents. In case you want to sign up for this locker, the Aadhaar card has to be linked to it.

  1. Getting new SIM card

Government is soon going to pass a new order which states that now nobody can buy a new SIM without submitting the photocopy of Aadhaar card.

  1. Monthly pension

The pension can be received timely by all the government officials if they have their Aadhar card registered in the department and this is compulsory to be done.

Therefore, you now might have to come to know the main benefits of the Aadhaar and why it is unavoidable.